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We Pay for Google and Facebook, You Pay Per Lead

Our fully managed service is as simple as it sounds. You only pay per lead, not per click. We will take the risk of your Google spend and provide you with exclusive inbound leads, generated in your brand.

Better Sales Data

Our call tracking platform scans each call with AI so we know in an instant which calls you converted into a sale, so you don’t have to feedback on each call. We can them optimise your campaign to generate more sales with a higher order value.

We Arm You with The Power of Knowledge

Increase your sales conversion and profitability through increased levels of data insight. From demographic analysis to discovering why specific customer groups don’t convert, you’ll be amazed what you’ll learn about your customers.

Supporting our dealerships with a dedicated lead generation channel that not only provides them sales leads, but also enables me to brand manage their campaigns from a distance was a challenge. eSales Hub de-risks our local dealer online campaigns so they only pay per lead, whilst I get brand control of what they do online locally for no additional cost.

Chris Richards, Online Marketing Manager

MG Cars

The only end-to-end lead generation service using artificial intelligence to transform your sales

Local search is now 50% of all searches and Google’s fastest growing search category. If you’re not targeting local search; you could be missing out on significant volumes of customers.

Local search behaves differently, and we understand it. Not only in the information presented on the page, but also how success is measured and analysed.

Over 70% of local searchers call for local services- it’s no secret that it’s difficult to link online clicks to offline transactions easily without effective analytics.

Our next generation call tracking platform scans each call generated using artificial intelligence to establish the outcome; was it a sale, an appointment, a quote or a previous customer phoning up to pay their bill and therefore should be taken out of your results? Removing human error, which naturally occurs when asking colleagues to fill in the outcome of a call and allowing the data to be processed in real-time without the need to upload data, means you can optimise your campaign based on average invoice and sales conversion in a way previously not available.

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Start generating high-converting leads today with eSales Hub, a Google Premier Partner.

Lead Conversion

23% to 62% in 4 weeks

Lead Volume

Doubled from 72 lead to 138 in 4 weeks

We manage your online campaigns, you pay per lead:


Fully Managed Sales Lead Generation campaigns

Generate high converting sales leads for your business, managed by eSales Hub

From Google search to targeting and lookalike campaigns on Facebook, we can dramatically increase your lead volume and quality through a targeted online campaign.

We run your search campaigns on your behalf. You don’t share any leads, they come straight to you from prospects who have already seen your brand and understood what your product or service is.

We use our platform to generate high converting leads by identifying the source of your high converting calls back to the relevant search query on Google or Facebook campaign, optimising the campaign on your behalf, so you get high quality sales leads without the management headache.


Turn your social media posts into a lead generation channel

Manage multiple social media campaigns at the touch of a button for better lead generation

Having an effective social media campaign that not only communicates your brand story well, but generates leads is a challenge most businesses face.

We’ll create your social media strategy, write your content and schedule all your posts. Then we’ll track performance so you know exactly how many sales you’ve generated from your campaign, amend it to drive more or less sales leads where you need them.

Get ready to generate leads from your social media campaign


Google My Business management services to generate more sales

Increase sales from Google My Business by up to 200%

We will schedule your Google My Business posts, manage your reviews and synchronise entries across multiple locations – driving more sales for you. We will help you to truly understand your return on investment from Google My Business, by tracking your phone calls and sales with our next-generation platform.


Target the businesses you want to and generate your own appointments

We’ll manage your LinkedIn campaign to deliver the meetings you need to drive business growth. LinkedIn enables you to connect with your target market; implemented well it can be a source of high converting sales leads.

We’ll provide you with a strategy and campaign implementation to succeed on LinkedIn.

We integrate into your CRM System for greater sales insight

Not only do we generate your sales data using AI, we are experienced at integrating into sales and CRM systems for greater accuracy of sales reporting.

Frequently Asked Questions

There will be many questions you’ve got, but here are some of the questions we get regularly asked.

How much we charge per lead depends on the industry you are in. Our margin is fixed so it depends on the click cost and competitive nature of your industry that impacts lead price so you know exactly where you stand, during the initial go-live process, we’ll complete a Return on Investment Model for you to confirm your lead price.

Yes. You get access to our online call tracking analytics tool which enables you to reject leads. We already have the ability to reject most out-of-scope leads automatically, but the few that may slip through each month you can reject manually.

For the first 3 months you have a 7-day get out. After 3 months it switches to a 90-day get-out. This is to protect both parties should either wish to end the campaign.

Yes, we are actually live in North America, Germany, Italy, Australia as well as the UK. Our plan is to go as far and as wide as we can as Google works in the same way the world-over.

Google approached us in March 2018 as they recognised us as a partner with high-growth potential. To help accelerate this growth, Google are supporting us with a number of initiatives from helping our coders better understand Google right through to helping us with business strategy. They then awarded us Google Premier Partner status in September 2019, recognising eSales Hub as being in the top 3% of partners worldwide

Yes, we are an approved API partner for Facebook. We have produced our own technology to export Facebook Lead Form data in real-time to our clients CRM systems. This improves lead conversion dramatically, so we thought it was worth the investment.

We are looking to add channels like Taboola and Outbrain to our lead generation portfolio as a number of our existing clients have asked for this. As and when other channels pop-up, we will include them once we’ve tested them and we can be sure of the lead quality they produce. Anybody can produce leads, our edge is being able to produce leads that have a high conversion.

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