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Know the source of every direct hire for real-time recruitment KPI reporting

From your eRecruitment Applicant Tracking Dashboard, you’ll know how many calls and applications you’ve had by source in real-time, so you can stay one step ahead of your competitors. You’ll be able to track applicants through a varied range of parameters; from first interview, second interview, offer letter and then payrol, enabling you to track right back to the source of the application of your best hires.

You’ll be able to track in real-time by source:

  • Application to Hire Ratio
  • Application to Interview
  • Applications to Job Offer
  • Application to Rejection Ratio
  • Cost per Application
  • Cost per Interview
  • Cost per Hire

More than 70% of users start their job search on Google

There is no denying that the way people apply for jobs has changed dramatically over the last 10 years, particularly when you consider almost 30% of searches on Google are job related:

  • 66% of searchers want job adverts localised to them.
  • 34% of searchers call as part of the application.
  • 55% of searches abandon their application after reading negative reviews online.

But how do you track multiple sources of applicants right through to your payroll system so you can identify cost per hire by source in real time, allowing you to optimise your recruitment strategy? eSales Hub enables you to track and analyse all your applications by source. By hosting your recruitment pages, we can give a superior level of data on the source of each application. Then by tracking the applicant from initial application to interview, second interview, job offer and then first pay, we can identify your best channels for recruiting colleagues, saving you time and money.

We track your online candidate applications from source right through to payroll for optimum performance.

With the launch of Google for Jobs and the plethora of online job boards, you could be wasting budget on channels and jobs boards that have a poor conversion from application to hire. By utilizing eSales Hub to host and manage your online recruitment pages, you can discover key recruitment KPI’s in real-time, including application to hire ratios by source.

We build and host high-converting careers pages that are constantly refined

Our clients have a secret; they use our hosted careers pages for increased application conversion and click-to-call-to-application tracking, as not all applications are completed online.

  • Mobile First Design

    Our hosted careers pages are designed and built for mobile users, making them high converting.

  • Standard and Branded Options

    Choose a standard careers template or fully customizable for your brand.

  • Schema Mark-up for Google for Jobs

    You get our schema mark-up technology to ensure you show up in Google for Jobs searches.

  • Integrated Review Widgets

    We can integrate Glass Door, Indeed and other job review partners into your hosted careers pages for increased conversion.

  • AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) Ready

    To improve page load time, we use AMP technology on all our careers pages.

  • Sticky Bar

    For increased conversion, sticky bars are included as standard

We can integrate into your Payrol System for Greater Candidate Application Tracking

We optimise thousands of parameters for better recruitment performance

React quickly to search trends across multiple jobs boards, enabling smarter decisions to be made at scale, with analysis completed in seconds.

The full suite of application tracking data and payroll information are automatically uploaded, enabling your recruitment strategy to be optimised in real-time. Our applicant tracking platform analyses what’s converting into an applications and what’s driving hires, implementing changes to improve performance, so you don’t have to.

Real-time applicant tracking enables you to:

  • Optimise over 20,000 Keywords for better Google for Jobs campaigns.

  • Optimise Job Board strategies by identifying cost per hire by individual job board source.

  • Increase online recruitment budgets where you need to, driving better quality candidate applications and hires.

Manage up to 7,000 parameters in a milli-second

Increase your leads and revenue

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