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Navigate the black hole of data other call tracking solutions leave behind

If you aren’t using call tracking, you could be missing out on up to 70% of your customers. If you are using call tracking, you might be getting frustrated not knowing which calls have actually turned into a sale, limiting your the optimisation for your Google, Facebook or online strategy.

As a business owner or marketing manager, generating online clicks is a positive thing. But how do you know that those online clicks turned into offline sales? How do you know which are your best customers? How do you track those customers that didn’t convert so you can find out why? How do you discover operational performance differences across a range of locations easily?

If you’re accountable for a marketing budget, proving your return on investment (ROI) can be tricky.

Using artificial intelligence to scan each call to determine the outcome, we have the technology to tell you exactly how each lead performs, right down to the demographic profile and why you did or didn’t convert it into a sale.

Our next generation platform tracks the keyword, campaign or source right through to sale in realtime, without you having to upload sales data. And by using Artificial Intelligence, you will know which online clicks have turned into a lead, quote, sale or missed opportunity and why.

Your ability to optimise Google Ads strategy, Facebook campaign or MailChimp broadcast is no longer limited.

How does eSales Hub’s call tracking analytics platform work?

Our next generation call analytics platform tracks the source of each click, then uses AI to determine the call outcome so you can see exactly which search queries and campaigns on Google Ads, or traffic sources like Facebook or Mailchimp, have generated the most sales or highest sales conversions.


See in an instant which search queries and campaigns are driving the best ROI for you. Optimise your campaign based on real sales conversion data, not just a guess or through unreliable data matching. Know in an instant what’s driving sales and more importantly what’s not, so you can optimise you campaign by spending less to generate more.


Get alerts on your browser or via SMS messages if you are missing calls or aren’t generating any sales. Get instant insight on what’s holding your business back from growing sales without having to search for it.


Send out text’s asking for your customers feedback after they’ve called for greater insight into your sales journey and to measure Net Promoter Score. Find the gaps in your customer service so you can convert more sales and monitor performance.


Knowing which customers converted and which didn’t from your inbound calls enables you to analyse customers with demographic data, enabling you to understand which demographic groups you aren’t converting and which ones you are.


We push all our data to Google Analytics for greater customer insight into their journey through you site, enabling integration into existing business system, including your CRM system.

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