Next Generation Analytics

Optimise your Google campaigner faster

From phone calls through to footfall, we track the journey from online clicks through to offline sales – closing the loop in your current analytics.

As a business owner or marketing manager, generating online clicks is a positive thing. But how do you know that those online clicks turned into offline sales? How do you know which are your best customers? How do you track those customers that didn’t convert so you can find out why? How do you discover operational performance differences across a range of locations easily?

If you’re accountable for a marketing budget, proving your return on investment (ROI) can be tricky.

We are specialists in local search and have the technology to tell you exactly how each lead performs, right down to the demographic profile and why you did or didn’t convert it into a sale.

Our next generation platform generates sales leads from local search. And by using Artificial Intelligence, you will know which online clicks have turned into a lead, quote, sale or missed opportunity and why.

Your ability to optimise Google Ads campaigns is no longer limited!

The only end-to-end platform built to transform your lead generation – from local search

We know first-hand that local search provides a significant opportunity to drive sales.

It’s worth noting that:

  • Local search represents over 50% of searches on Google

  • Over 70% of searchers make a phone call as part of the transaction with a local service provider

  • For retail, 66% of searchers go on to visit a store.

So how do you track sales, let alone implement a real-time bidding strategy based on offline data?

Quickly track sales conversions from phone calls in real-time

Our search campaigns and landing pages are produced for one reason only; sales leads. Our Artificial Intelligence powered platform identifies phone call outcomes than anybody – then uploads the information to Google for faster optimisation of your Google campaign.

End-to-end sales analytics

If your sales process includes an appointment or survey, we can track the searchers who have visited your Google My Business entry, clicked on your Google Ad, or landed on your location page right through to sale, in real-time. This gives you a true picture of performance and enables optimisation of your campaign in real-time to new levels.

Analysing the business issues that are holdingyou back

We analyse your data hourly to ensure your campaign is as effective as it can be. This can highlighting operational issues that you may not have known about with daily performance alerts. We also survey every customer 2-days after they’ve made contact to get their feedback, helping you identify why customers are an are not converting. Our AI-powered platform gives you the knowledge you need to make business-critical decisions in real-time.

Demographic profiles of your best and worst customers, by location

Not all customers are profitable. We provide insight into your best and worst customers through demographic analysis, enabling you to attract more of the customers you want and fewer that you don’t want.

Giving you a transparent return on investment

By tying offline activity and sales conversions to online reporting, physical service and retail vendors can now use digital analytics to track their ROI and excel in modern day lead generation.

Get ready to own lead generation for your sector.

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