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We manage local search, you pay per lead.

Google Data shows 46% of searches on Google are local, with 66% of searchers wanting content tailored to their location. Google and Facebook have spent millions enabling you to targets users based on their location. Take advantage of this opportunity to add an additional channel of high-converting leads for your online campaign.

Use the latest technology that’s faster than Google for generating sales leads

eSales Hub patent-pending technology can manage up to 7,000 parameters a second for faster real-time bidding. eSales Hub is unique in being able to apply real-time bidding to sales that are generated offline from an online click. It’s why Google partnered with eSales Hub as a fast growing technology company in July 2018.

Real-time analytics enables you to:

  • Optimise over 20,000 Keywords and Over 1 million Locations to lower your cost per acquisition.
  • Optimise Sales Conversion for online conversions
  • Increase leads volumes in locations you need to.

We started off using a PPC agency that charged us a management fee plus the click costs from Google, but it just wasn’t working, we weren’t getting any leads. Then we started working with eSales Hub. Very quickly they started driving leads for us and enabled us to scale our business quickly becoming an important partner of our business.

Tim Slesinger CEO


Why local landing pages drive more sales leads

Our campaigns and pages are produced for one reason; sales leads. We’ve developed our local landing page technology to give you industry leading page conversion rates (unique users to lead conversion) for increased performance.

Our landing pages come with schema mark-up, AMP ready and with a sticky call to action as standard for improved performance.

66% of searchers respond higher to ads targeting their location

Click through rates are the all-important metric to measure how well people are responding to your content on Google or Facebook. Even if you aren’t ‘local’ you can use geo-targeting to precision target your best converting customers for improved performance.

Not only do we have external data to benchmark against, but our own industry data, so you’ll know exactly where your campaign is performing in relation to industry benchmarks.

We analyse your sales hourly, giving you actionable insights.

Get complete visibility of campaign performance, right the way through to sale.

eSales Hub’s Analytics Report Suit enables you to combine multiple sources of data in one view to understand your exact return on investment.

By tracking the GClick, Facebook Click and Natural Search user right through to sale within your CRM or order management system, your eSales Hub Analytics Report Suit has all the data you need in an easy to view dashboard for a comprehensive return on investment analysis.

You can analyse within minutes:

  • Page Conversion
  • Phone Call Conversion
  • Form Fill Conversion
  • Average Ring Time
  • Average Talk Time
  • Call Recordings
  • Sales Conversion
  • Sales Revenue
  • Sales Revenue by Keyword
  • Average Invoice Value
  • New vs Existing Customers
  • Lifetime Customer Value

Already using Google Ads and want a second opinion?

You can analyse within minutes:

If you are using Google Ads already, we’ll be able to analyse your existing account structure and detail the opportunity that local search could make to your business. We’ll also pull together industry data and relevant case studies so you can get an idea of what’s possible from adding local search into your online strategy.

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