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We manage local search, you pay per lead.

If you aren’t using Google Ads, or maybe you’ve used it in the past and it was too expensive and you’ve chosen other channels for your sales leads, you could be missing out on almost 50% of your customers who now search locally on Google and Facebook.

Google and Facebook have spent millions of dollars enabling you to target users based on their location. Take advantage of this opportunity to drive high-converting sales leads for your business.

The savviest business people know that paying for traffic is a mugs game as it comes without any guaranteed of success.

We take the risk of any media spend, be it Google Ads or Facebook Ads, to provide you with high converting leads in your own brand.

By paying for guaranteed sales lead to a pre-agreed qualification criteria, not only will you drive more volume, but you’ll be de-risking you marketing spend by not paying for clicks or traffic.

I would like to say a big thank you to eSales Hub. When I was introduced to them, I thought not another lead generation company who are all talk! I tried a bit of PPC as I thought that’s all they did but got no where. In the end I said I would give him a try. The very first week we gained 35 calls and I have been using them ever since. Every week eSales Hub are my third largest sales channel behind account customer and repeat business. They generate the all important new customers and sales from new areas I’ve developed with them too. Thank you eSales Hub.

Jeff Longley

Mr Electric Birmingham

We help business owners and marketing managers to increase sales by generating high-converting local search leads in 3 weeks.

Even if your company isn’t ‘local’, you can use the power of geo-targeting to focus your local search strategy on areas and postcodes that have your highest converting customers or highest average invoices.

Every business is different, but by mapping your customer base, you’ll discover your high yielding customers that both Google and Facebook will help you to help find more to grow your sales.

Get the highest-converting sales leads for your industry

Google Data shows that 71% of local searchers call as part of any transaction. This means you’ll get inbound calls from our activity of customers wanting your product, making our leads high-converting. You don’t share any leads, they come straight to you having already seen your brand and what your product or service is.

Use the latest technology that’s faster than Google for generating sales leads

eSales Hub patent-pending technology can manage up to 7,000 parameters a second for faster real-time bidding. eSales Hub is unique in being able to apply real-time bidding to sales that are generated offline from an online click. It’s why Google partnered with eSales Hub as a fast growing technology company in July 2018.

Real-time bidding enables:

  • Optimise over 20,000 Keywords and Over 1 million Locations to lower your cost per acquisition.
  • Optimise Sales Conversion for online conversions
  • Increase leads volumes in locations you need to.

Real-Time Reporting for Complete Visibility on Your Return on Investment

Our real-time analytics reports will detail exactly where marketing budget is being spent and how many sales are being generated, along with invoice values and opportunities for improved performance.

We will provide your insights and data on your best-performing keywords to sales value, segmented right down to the time of day, the day of week and postcode.

You’ll get an interface into sales either directly or via your CRM/order management system, so you know exactly how much revenue is being generated towards your targets. Insights on sales performance, ring time, talk time and other KPI’s are generated in real-time for actionable insights.

Understand the sales opportunity local search could give you

Before we start with any client, a full return on investment model is produced using Google and Industry data to agree clear objectives and key performance indicators of any client activity. You will know exactly what sales conversion, average invoice value, cost per sale and revenue targets we want to achieve for you.

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