Discover How Mr. Electric Generated £150,000 from One Electrician Lead

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Discover How Mr. Electric Generated £150,000 from One Electrician Lead

Our patent-pending technology creates, tracks, analyses and measures local search keywords to sale, enabling Mr. Electric to get a competitive edge over their rivals by providing higher revenue yielding leads to their electrician franchisees.

Tracking Local Search Keywords to Sales in an Off-line Environment

eSales Hub first started working with Mr. Electric few years ago, but understanding their business and what drove high converting and higher value jobs was key to providing value to their network of electrician franchisees. By generating and tracking leads right through to sale and invoice value, we were able to see a pattern of results from specific keywords. With 71% of local search users calling as part of the transactions, tracking the keyword that generated the lead and then sale, with invoice value, wasn’t used before, but gave an interesting insight. Local search terms like “electrician” and “electrician in” were generating lots of leads but low value jobs.

However, there were a set of lower volume search terms that generated a much higher job value for the client. With over 70% of leads generated from Google being through phone calls, using our technology, Mr Electric were able to close the loop and understand exactly what keywords were driving which leads, and more importantly what keywords were driving the high value sales, for in-person and on-call transactions, instantly enabling a level of keyword optimisation that drove invoice value up. It enabled us to focus on the keywords that drove more leads for higher value jobs at the same cost of lead as the lower value jobs.

By seeing the keywords that drove sales by invoice value, you could instantly see which keywords had a greater revenue value. You could then enhance profitability of local search lead generation by generating leads from the keywords that generated bigger jobs, creating a better return for the franchisees on their lead spend. Whilst they paid us per lead, we still wanted to make sure we were driving good electrician sales leads with increasing job values.

Boosting Local Search Organic Rankings

One of the keywords groups identified as high value were EICR based key terms. Whilst I am no electrician, an EICR is a check every business needs once every 5 years and the average invoice value for such a check can be as much as £3,500 with all the follow-on work. As its planned work, a franchisee could use these high value jobs to drive significant revenue whilst optimising available electrician resource.

Lead Generation Electrician

Google Organic Search Results for EICR Croydon

By utilising our patent-pending local search technology, we were able to significantly boost the organic search rankings for local search terms for EICR and Fixed Wire Testing based keywords.

All On A Pay On Performance Lead Model

Whilst our technology created, tracked, analysed and measured the sales that come from local search by keyword, Mr Electric paid us on the results we delivered, per lead. Our cost-effective pricing model for lead generation enabled the franchisees to de-risk their spend on Google. All costs, including Google AdWords costs, we charged on a cost per lead basis to each franchisee.

The Results Speak for Themselves

We’ll let Mark Ryland, franchisee for Mr Electric London South West tell you how he got on:

“It was a wet Thursday evening and the phone rang – I knew it was from eSales Hub as there was a whisper on the line telling me it was one of their leads. I didn’t want to go as the customer wasn’t really sure what they wanted, but my wife convinced me to go. After all, if I got a job from the lead, it would have at least paid for it. How wrong could I have been.

The initial lead from eSales Hub was for an electrical test at a local factory. Unfortunately, the electrical installations at the factory were so poor, it ended up being a complete factory re-wire, over £40,000 of work. After we built a relationship with them through delivering the Mr Electric customer system, more work followed and we’ve built them into an account worth more than £150,000. Its really turned our business around and I’ve been able to get rid of some of the lower revenue insurance jobs we used to get. It also helped us move from a re-active business to more planned works, which meant I got my weekends back. Thank goodness I answered the phone and went out!”

Want to find out more or have more questions?

My goal in writing this article was to have a resource to point people to when they wanted to see how we generated leads for electricians and franchisees in general. Getting lead generation to work cost effectively isn’t easy, which is why we developed our patent-pending technology to assist companies large and small to generate, track and analyse local search leads right through to sale, on a cost per lead basis.

Do you have more questions about lead generation? If so, I’d be happy to address them in the comments. If you’d like to find out more, please contact us for a free demo of our technology. Or take a look at our eSales Hub video on Youtube and hear what our customers have to say about working with us.

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