Google To Launch New AdWords Reporting Dashboards

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Google To Launch New AdWords Reporting Dashboards

Google AdWords has announced they will be rolling out a new reporting dashboard

The new reporting dashboard looks a little bit like Chartio, with the ability to drag and drop different reports and metrics into view

Google has been playing about with its AdWords interface for sometime, but some major changes to the look, feel and fucntionality have started to creep in. I have to admit I am not a big fan of the new beta AdWords interface that was rolled out to a some users earlier in the year. We found it to be a bit cluncky and it didn’t make it easy to find the usual features you use to optimise a campaign. But it did look a lot better. So if Google could combine the functionality of the old AdWords interface with better reporting, I think it would be a major improvement. Well, just maybe, some of my dreams have come true for the AdWords interface!

Yesterday, Barry Schwartz tweeted a picture of what the new reporting dashboard are going to look like, and I must say it looked cool.

As you can see from the screen shot from Google’s announcement, the new reporting dashboard looks like a massive improvement over the old reporting tools within AdWords and will give “a panoramic view of your data with dashboards.” For me this is what has been lacking in the interface for sometime, with various reports spread across numerous actions within the interface. But the new Google AdWords reporting dashboard will enable you to:
– Create a customised view of your data: It looks like you’ll get the flexibility to arrange your tables and charts in a way that works for you and not be limited by what’s available today.
– Monitor performance in one place: A big improvement will be that you won’t need to navigate back and forth across different tabs and reports as the charts will be in once place. This will make spotting patterns and trends easier.
– Collaborate and share with your team: There’s also a collaboration feature. So if your working in a team, or need to show your boss, it looks like you’ll be able to name and share different dashboards with who you want.

The new AdWords reporting dashboards now look very much like they are trying to create one place to monitor and view the performance of your campaigns, which is a great step forward.

Google have also issued the first set of help guides

If you want to find out more and discover the initial functionality available, you can learn more here.

Do you have more questions?

My goal in writing this article was to have a resource to point people to when they had basic questions about the new Google AdWords Reporting Dashboards

Do you have more questions about AdWords? If so, I’d be happy to address them in the comments. I also would love for those of you who are experienced with dealing with the new reporting dashboards to comment as well.

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