We Pay For Google, You Pay Per Lead

We help business owners and marketing managers to increase sales by generating high-converting local search leads in 3 weeks.

The Difference Is Our Data

eSales Hub tracks all your clicks right through to sale, for both on and offline sales. This enables us to optimise Google Ads to new levels so you only pay per lead, not just clicks to your website.

If you are not targeting local search, you could be missing out on almost half of your customers – local search is now 50% of all searches and Google’s fastest growing search category. However, local search behaves differently, not only in the information you need to present on the page, but also how you track and measure success. Over 70% of local searchers call from local search results, making optimisation difficult without effective analytics.

Want more sales leads? Want higher converting sales leads? Want to make more profit? Want to grow your business with new customers? Start generating high converting, exclusive sales leads today with eSales Hub, a Google Premier Partner.

We manage local search, you pay per lead

Managing a local search campaign isn’t easy due to the complexity of tracking offline sales from online clicks.
By utilising Google Premier Partner eSales Hub to manage your local search campaign, you only pay per lead for guaranteed performance, not clicks to your website.

How Does eSales Hub Work?

I wasn’t 100% sure local search would work for us as we are a loan provider, but as soon as we went live, eSales Hub delivered beyond what we expected. If you are thinking of using eSales Hub or indeed implementing a local search strategy, I’d be saying “what are you waiting for?”

Martin Rix

Commercial Director – Loans2Go

We build you high-converting local landing pages that are constantly refined

  • Mobile First Design

    Our pages are designed and built for mobile users, making them high converting.

  • Schema Mark-up

    You get our schema mark-up technology to ensure Google rank them as local pages.

  • Integrated Review Widgets

    We can integrate TrustPilot, Feefo, reviews and any other review partners onto your page for increased conversion.

  • AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) Ready

    To improve page load time, we use AMP technology on all our pages.

  • Sticky Bar

    For increased conversion, sticky bars are included as standard

We integrate into your CRM System for greater sales insight

We analyse your sales every hour

From your eSales Hub Analytics dashboard, you’ll know how many calls, forms fill and sales conversions you’ve had in real-time. Listen to all your calls for training opportunities for your sales team. Find the gaps in your business that are limiting your growth with analysis and insight on your business.

You’ll be able to track in real-time:

  • Page Conversion
  • Phone Call Sales Conversion
  • Form Fill Sales Conversion
  • Average Ring Time
  • Average Talk Time
  • Sales Lead Conversion
  • Sales Revenue by Keyword
  • Average Invoice Value by Keyword
  • Return on Investment

What is a sales lead?

We optimise thousands of parameters to deliver you a greater return on investment

You get access to your very own Customer Success Manager who’ll be there to spot the macro and mirco insights our analytics tool identifies.

Want to know which geo-graphic areas are generating higher conversions or more revenue? Want to plan an expansion of your retail outlets or site based engineers but don’t know where to put them? Need to know what’s limiting your growth within your call centre – who’s you best and worst performers? Working with your eSales Hub Customer Success Manager, we’ll help you drive more sales and become more profitable.

Our analytics platform enables you to identify:

  • Your best customers and where to generate more of them from.

  • Increases in Sales Conversion for a better sales performance.

  • How to increase order values with greater data insight.

  • Increase volumes in locations where you need to drive more sales.

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