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Generate more sales leads

We pay for Google & Facebook, you pay per sales lead

Managed Lead Generation Service

We take the risk of your Google and Facebook spend, you only pay us per lead we generate. From creating your landing pages to managing your spend, you get exclusive leads generated in your brand for higher sales conversion and more sales revenue.

Improve conversion & increase revenue

Bridge the data gap after your customers click with AI powered call tracking for better attribution

Platform License

If you already use Google Ads and Facebook, by licensing our platform you’ll be able to track all your inbound calls right through to the point of sale, bridging the gap for an end-to-end picture of customer behaviour for all your existing online campaigns for greater optimisation.

Generate better quality applications that you hire

Online Recruitment Generation

Candidate Tracking

Know the online campaigns that generate the best job applications by tracking each source through to payroll for complete return on investment visibility. Reduce your recruitment costs and increase your hire ratio.

Call Tracking 2.0: Transform your lead generation strategy with Artificial Intelligence that analyses calls in real-time, reports on the outcome, and attributes it back to your marketing.

Did you know that Google’s data shows that 71% of searchers still call as part of a transaction? But how do you know if your online campaign is driving calls that are converting into a sale and their value so you can fully optimise your online campaign to generate leads that convert better and generate a higher return on investment.

The problem with many call tracking services is they don’t tell you the outcome of a call, they rely on your sales team to accurately report on quality and outcome.

Our next generation call tracking analytics platform, powered by artificial intelligence, scans each call generated using artificial intelligence to establish the outcome; was it a sale, an appointment, a quote or a previous customer phoning up to pay their bill and therefore should be taken out of your results? Removing human error, which naturally occurs when asking colleagues to fill in the outcome of a call and allowing the data to be processed in real-time without the need to upload data, means you can optimise your campaign based on average invoice and sales conversion in a way previously not available. You can now generate higher-converting leads and improve your return on investment by simply having better data insight than other call tracking platforms.

Our call tracking platform links your marketing channels and goes beyond keyword data in Google Ads to show you the keyword query someone searched for before they called, allowing you to optimise your campaign based on sales conversion and sales revenue, not just call volume. It’s why we regularly see clients double their sales conversion and get a better return on investment when they use our platform.

Companies large and small use eSales Hub to generate leads through our fully managed lead generation service, or license the eSales Hub Call Tracking Analytics platform to enhance their own lead generation campaign for a better return on investment.

Start generating high converting leads today with eSales Hub; Within 3 weeks this FTSE100 Company increased their leads and conversion by almost 300%

Lead Conversion

269% improvement – 23% to 62% conversion in 4 weeks

Lead Volume

191% Increase: Doubled lead volume from 72 to 138 leads in 4 weeks

How does eSales Hub Work?

Our next generation call analytics platform tracks the source of each click, then uses AI to determine the call outcome so you can see exactly which search queries and campaigns on Google Ads, or traffic sources like Facebook or Mailchimp, have generated the most sales or highest sales conversions.


See in an instant which search queries and campaigns are driving the best ROI for you. Optimise your campaign based on real sales conversion data, not just a guess or through unreliable data matching. Know in an instant what’s driving sales and more importantly what’s not, so you can optimise you campaign by spending less to generate more.


Get alerts on your browser or via SMS messages if you are missing calls or aren’t generating any sales. Get instant insight on what’s holding your business back from growing sales without having to search for it.


Send out text’s asking for your customers feedback after they’ve called for greater insight into your sales journey and to measure Net Promoter Score. Find the gaps in your customer service so you can convert more sales and monitor performance.


Knowing which customers converted and which didn’t from your inbound calls enables you to analyse customers with demographic data, enabling you to understand which demographic groups you aren’t converting and which ones you are.


We push all our data to Google Analytics for greater customer insight into their journey through you site, enabling integration into existing business system, including your CRM system.

We provide five products for success:


Fully Managed Sales Lead Generation campaigns

Generate high converting sales leads for your business, managed by eSales Hub

We run your search campaigns on your behalf. You don’t share any leads, they come straight to you from prospects who have already seen your brand and understood what your product or service is.

We use our platform to generate high converting leads by identifying the source of your high converting calls back to the relevant search query on Google or Facebook campaign, optimising the campaign on your behalf, so you get high quality sales leads without the management headache. See how our managed lead generation service works here


Call Tracking with greater sales attribution

Your call tracking solution for greater sales data attribution

Analyse your sales hourly, to ensure your campaign is as effective as it can be – driving a greater return on investment. From creating demographic profiles of your customers to identifying business issues that are preventing growth, we’ll help you drive more sales from Google and Facebook profitably.

Get ready to own lead generation for your industry – see how our call tracking analytics is different from other call tracking platforms here.


Google My Business management services to generate more sales

Increase sales from Google My Business by up to 200%

We will schedule your Google My Business posts, manage your reviews and synchronise entries across multiple locations – driving more sales for you. We will help you to truly understand your return on investment from Google My Business, by tracking your phone calls and sales with our next-generation platform.


Target the businesses you want to and generate your own appointments

We’ll manage your LinkedIn campaign to deliver the meetings you need to drive business growth. LinkedIn enables you to connect with your target market; implemented well it can be a source of high converting sales leads.

We’ll provide you with the strategy and campaign implementation to succeed on LinkedIn.


Know which online channels and job boards generate the best return on investment for recruiting colleagues.

Then you can make informed decisions backed by data insight for your online recruitment strategy, knowing the return you’ll get.

Get ready to generate higher converting job applications, reducing your direct recruitment costs.

Increase your leads and revenue

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